I Support Critical Mass Radio


If you are a new or regular listener to any of the shows hosted by

CMR – Critical Mass Radio

and would like to support the station, which is an internet based, non-profit, commercial free radio station for people who want answers, then please give your financial, practical and energetic support by doing any/all of the following:

1. Visit http://criticalmassradio.co.uk/donations-and-support/ and subscribe or donate today. 

The subscribe-donate buttons will direct you to a standard PayPal window.  And please remember, there is no donation too small, even just 1 of your dollars/pounds/euros or whatever it is where you live, will be a great help, if enough of us donated just 1 dollar it would add up very quickly – the station has many listeners.

2. Share this site on your social media networks. 

Encourage your friends to support CMR.

3. Make your positive intentions that CMR Critical Mass Radio will receive all the funding it needs to keep going.

Because there is a great risk, an ongoing risk, that our CMR station will close due to lack of funds.

4. When you have done any/all of the above, come back here and make a comment to share that with the world! 

Have fun, and let the world know you supported CMR today!  If you are shy, and don’t wish to tell the world you support CMR by commenting here, no problem!  No need!  You know who you are, and what you have done, and that is the most important thing, after all.

Thank you.  All of you.

I Support Critical Mass Radio – Because Now It’s Our Turn.


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